Types of Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

There are many different types of insurance for businesses. Some are required and others are commonly recommended to provide a business owner with full coverage for accidents and calamities. If you need commercial insurance, contact us at Gallina and Sons in Pittsburgh, PA. Our agents can talk about the major types of commercial insurance and which might be right for you.

Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance works differently from policies that are for private homes. It covers specific calamities that can happen to all or part of the building. It may or may not, depending on the contract, cover items inside the building. 

Liability Insurance

This type of commercial insurance protects the company from damages that are done to third parties. This often means members of the public, but it can also mean contractors and merchants, depending on the specific contract. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance 

This insurance type covers injuries and illnesses that happen to employees while they’re on the job. The coverage is for medical bills that stem from these incidents. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

This type of insurance works much like a regular auto policy, but it is especially for company-owned vehicles. If you have a vehicle that isn’t owned by the company but that you use for company business, this may require commercial insurance as well. Talk to an insurance agent about the vehicles owned by the business as well as the ones that are used on behalf of the business.

Get Your Commercial Policies

If you have not yet insured your business, there are likely several types of policies it needs. Call us at Gallina and Sons in Pittsburgh, PA to make an appointment with an insurance agent about your company’s insurance needs.