Why you may want to add more liability insurance coverage

Owning a home comes with a certain amount of risk. That is why having not only the right home insurance but the right amount of liability coverage is vital to your financial security. Residents of Pittsburgh, PA can look to Gallina and Sons when they have home insurance questions or needs. 

Liability coverage protects you and your assets. If someone is injured at your home or by a member of your family, they may seek to have their medical bills paid, reparations for damages, and may sue for pain and suffering. This requires that you get legal representation. All of this can get expensive and you need to have enough liability insurance to feel that you are adequately covered. 

Some things put you at a greater risk of a large judgment against you and there may be liability risks at your home you aren’t even aware of. 

Your net worth has increased

The more you are worth, the more at risk you are of being sued. Chances are, your net worth has increased significantly from the time you first bought your home insurance policy and today. Keep that in mind when deciding on how much liability coverage you feel comfortable with. 

You have a dog

Your dog may be a member of your family, but depending on the breed, it may be a huge risk factor. Some breeds are considered so risky that insurance carriers won’t insure them. Let your insurance agent know that you own a dog and make sure your breed is covered. 

You have a pool

A pool is a great place to hang out in the warm weather, but it is also a risk you must consider when choosing your liability coverage. 

Residents of Pittsburgh, PA can count on Gallina and Sons for all their home insurance requirements.