Gallina and Sons discusses commercial insurance in Pittsburgh, PA

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That’s why the agency wants to help make sure your investment is protected. Serving, Pittsburgh PA, their agents explain what commercial insurance is and why it’s so critical for your growing business.

What is commercial insurance?

In short, commercial insurance protects your business. Also called business insurance, these plans protect companies, corporations, and entities against lawsuits, vandalism, theft, injury, damage, and other unexpected events. While at work, any employees are included as well. Commercial insurance minimizes risk and safeguards against potentially costly incidents.

What’s included in commercial insurance?

Although every plan is unique, most commercial insurance policies have similar features. Any coverage has premiums, which is the amount a business pays for the policy. Several factors influence this price, including work performed, amount of employees, and years of service. When you file a claim, you will also pay a deductible. These too can vary. Any plan will spell out limits, which cap payouts after a certain amount. This likely also contains other exclusions and restrictions.

What types of commercial insurance are available?

Any plan can be customized to fit your needs. However, standard commercial insurance policies cover three primary areas. Property insurance protects a physical location of a business and any equipment. This extends to tools, inventory, and office furniture. Liability coverage shields against bodily injury, slander, libel, and other damages. Lastly, income insurance reimburses your business if an incident causes any loss of revenue. A professional agent will be able to add additional options to meet your unique needs.

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