Condo Association Insurance Protects Your Investment

Condo insurance is something that all condo owners need to protect themselves. This policy type will ensure that your investment doesn’t go up in smoke if disaster strikes. At Gallina and Sons, we can teach Pittsburgh, PA, about the different options available for their needs. Here’s what you need to know about these policies.

How Condo Insurance Protects You

Typically, your condo owner’s association possesses what is known as a master policy. This helps to cover things like the structure of the condo, the built-in fixtures, and much more. However, this policy does not cover your belongings, which is why an individual condo insurance policy is so important. 

These types of policies are known as HO-6 insurance and are designed to protect what you own. In a sense, they’re similar to a traditional homeowner’s insurance policy. However, they focus on condo owners and cover their unique needs. A good condo policy will pay for:

  • Replacing personal belongings, such as your clothes or furniture 
  • Liability situations, such as injuries to you, your family, or those inside your home 
  • Addition Living Expenses (ALE) you might incur while waiting for condo repairs 
  • Some types of perils, such as fires, extreme weather, and theft 

As you might expect, your condo policy may not cover things like earthquakes and floods. That said, you may find alternative coverage plans that do. These extra coverage options typically get added to your current policy and reflect a unique level of protection you can’t get otherwise. 

Coverage is Available for You 

At Gallina and Sons, we can set up policies for Pittsburgh, PA, residents that will help ensure a higher quality of life. Talk to us today to learn more about your options and learn more about the diverse coverage range available for you.