Condo Insurance: What You Need to Know

There are a lot of different types of homes that you can buy in Pittsburgh, PA. Every one of those types will have to be protected by some form of homeowner’s insurance policy. But the question is which home policy is right for you? One of the most confusing policies for homeowners is the condo policy. Here are some things that you will want to know about your condo policy.

The Basics of a Condo Policy

Condo insurance is a cross between a renter’s insurance policy and regular homeowners’ policy. The difference found with this policy is what it covers. It may shock you to know that it does not cover what most people think it should.

  • The condo policy will have the same coverage types such as personal property and it will cover you if you should have to move out while repairs are being done.
  • The policy will only cover things that are inside of the walls of the condo. The condo association will have a commercial policy that will cover the outside of the structure. 
  • The policy may cover from the studs in or from the drywall in. This is important to know because it will affect what your policy will cover. It comes down to whether or not you will have to pay for drywall and paint or simply the interior of the condo.

Buying condo insurance in Pittsburgh, PA will have somethings that may confuse you. That is why you need a reliable agent. All of us at Gallina and Sons are committed to helping you get the right policy for your home. Call us today for an insurance consultation and let us help insure your condo with the correct level of coverage. 

Can commercial insurance help me in emergencies?

To truly prepare your business for tough times, you need a commercial insurance policy that extends beyond basic liability. But how can you be sure what type of coverage you need? The best way is to review your business with a qualified insurance agent like the staff at Gallina and Sons serving the greater Pittsburgh, PA region.

Commercial insurance basics

According to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, businesses need to protect their structures and other property investments as well as provide workers compensation insurance. Some businesses must also provide certain employees with health insurance coverage. When starting a new business, consultation with an agent and state agencies is key to ensure compliance with all federal, state and local requirements.

Coverage for emergencies

When protecting your business against floods, fires, and other emergencies, you need to develop a comprehensive approach that meets the basic needs of all facilities and locations. Some sites may also need additional coverage to meet other considerations, such as a location within a flood-prone region or a site with earthquakes.

To fully prepare for an emergency, your business needs to invest in replacement cost coverage. This means assessing the full value of your structures, implements, production equipment, inventory or any other necessary elements that make it possible to set up a new shop as soon as possible.

Interruption of business

When your business property is impacted by a disaster, you are likely to endure an interruption of service. Income will be limited during this time period and may be eliminated altogether. At the same time, expenses, such as payroll, utilities, and replacement inventory, continue to come in and must be met.

Commercial insurance policies can cover the interruption of business. To ensure your policy is adequate, make sure to pick a monthly income limit that adequately covers your necessary expenses. This will help you restore services to clients and customers as soon as possible.

Agents at Gallina and Sons serving Pittsburgh, PA can help you review your coverage needs and draft a policy capable of helping your business weather a variety of storms.

Do I Really Need Commercial Insurance for my Small Business?

Small business owners often don’t realize how vulnerable their small business is to financial loss. Purchasing a commercial insurance policy for their business is the best way to protect yourself if an accident or other type of disastrous event occurs. The agents of Gallina and Sons serve small business owners in the Pittsburgh, PA area. They have many years of experience and understand the importance of reducing your potential liability.

Minimizes Financial Loss

Even a small accident can result in heavy financial losses. A commercial policy is designed to protect your business from the financial cost of an accident or other devastating events. Having a commercial policy in place means that you don’t have to use your working capital to cover the costs associated with the event. It not only protects the assets of your business but also gives you a sense of security.

Sense of Security

The sense of security offered by a commercial insurance policy gives you the peace of mind need to continue to operate your business. Your business’ financial resources will remain intact allowing you to continue to operate your business as usual. When an accident occurs, your commercial policy will take care of the costs so that your business won’t suffer the consequences.

At Gallina and Sons, agents are ready to serve small business owners in Pittsburgh, PA who are interested in learning about commercial insurance. If you want to learn more and have questions you would like to have answered, call an agent today! Schedule your appointment now so that you can fully protect your business from financial loss. They have the answers you need!

What Is Condo Association Insurance?

A condo association insurance policy is not the same as a condo owner’s insurance policy. The latter aims to protect the inside of your unit, while the association’s policy serves to protect the outside of your unit and any common areas. However, in some instances, a condo association insurance policy does cover the inside of your unit. Here at Gallina and Sons serving the Pittsburgh, PA area, we want to help protect your condo. Keep reading to learn more about condo association insurance.

Liability Protection

The liability protection part of a condo association insurance policy can be of the utmost value if someone is injured or falls in the common area part maintained by the condo association. The policy may help cover the medical expenses and legal fees of the injured person. Without coverage, the condo association may have to pay out of pocket to cover these costs.

Property Coverage

The property coverage part of a condo association insurance policy helps protect the common areas you share with other residents in the event of a disaster, such as a tornado or if someone accidentally crashes their vehicle into a common area. The exact types of covered perils depend on the policy.

In some instances, a condo association insurance policy does cover elements inside of your condo, like the floors, ceilings, and walls. If this is how your condo association’s insurance policy works, then you will need to buy a condo insurance policy that covers all other elements in your condo, like the plumbing, electrical wiring, and kitchen cabinets. However, some condo association insurance policies go as far as protecting the original appliances and fixtures installed in a condo.

The best way to determine what your condo association’s insurance policy covers is to speak with a licensed insurance agent at Gallina and Sons serving the Pittsburgh, PA area. Give us a call today.

What Does A Commercial Insurance Policy Cover?

Your business needs to be protected as much as possible in Pittsburgh, PA. The best way to accomplish this is with a commercial insurance policy. It can cover a number of aspects of your business.

Typically, a commercial insurance policy is going to cover the basics, including property insurance and liability. You can also customize it to include commercial auto insurance, business interruption insurance, and much more. Every business is different, so what gets added to your policy may vary from the business down the road from you. At Gallina and Sons, we will sit down to discuss the options that are available to you.

You want to make sure that you have the coverage so that something doesn’t happen, leaving you spending all of your profits. Unfortunately, one problem can cause you to be bankrupt if you don’t have the right insurance coverage. The goal is to prevent this from ever happening.

There are a few things you will need to explore in order to determine what you need your commercial insurance policy to cover. This includes your location, the number of employees you have, how many vehicles your company owns, and even your gross annual revenue. If you work with a significant amount of equipment or you have a large amount of inventory on the premises, this should be identified as well.

Essentially, commercial insurance policies are customizable. If you only have a certain number of employees, you may not need to have workers compensation. If you don’t have commercial vehicles, you can skip that coverage as well.

Contact us at Gallina and Sons so that we can help you to decide what kind of commercial insurance policy you need for your business in Pittsburgh, PA. Once you have the coverage in place, it will be easier to run your business without worrying about what could go wrong.


What Types of Commercial Insurance Do I Need?

Gallina and Sons serve business owners in the Pittsburgh, PA area, as well as many of the surrounding communities. Our agents understand how confusing commercial insurance can be and are willing to explain the various types that may be needed to fully protect your business. Even a small loss can be financially devastating. Having the right types of insurance can prevent that.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is used to protect a company from someone being injured on their property or by one of their products. This can be the result of a slip and fall or tripping accident or through the use of a defective or malfunctioning product. There are many different types of liability, so it’s important to work with your insurance agent to ensure you are adequately covered.

Fleet Insurance

Fleet insurance is a necessity if your company owns one or more vehicles that are used during the operation of the business. Fleet insurance covers all types of vehicles from automobiles to large delivery trucks. Just like your auto insurance covers your individual vehicle, fleet insurance covers all company-owned vehicles.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is a special kind of insurance that picks up where other policies leave off. If your fleet insurance has a cap of $1 million and the payout exceeds that amount, your umbrella policy will cover what your fleet insurance doesn’t.

At Gallina and Sons, the agents who serve the Pittsburgh, PA area can answer any questions you may have about your commercial insurance policy. Call today and schedule an appointment with one of our reputable agents. They will make sure you have the types of coverage you need and the right amounts to fully protect your business.

Commercial Insurance: Does Your Business Need It?

Whether your business needs commercial insurance or not can depend on a lot of factors. One of those is the size of your business, but the main issue is merely the kind of business you have. If you have a large warehouse or retail space, or anything where you have customers coming to your physical location, commercial insurance from Gallina and Sons to protect your Pittsburgh, PA area business can be important. The same is true if you have employees because you need to make sure they have the protection they need, as well. But if you work from home online and have no employees, commercial insurance may not be required.

The general rule for commercial insurance and whether your business needs it is based on how much liability and risk you are taking by operating that business. When you have employees and customers at your location, and they could potentially be harmed or cause harm to others, having insurance to protect you from these types of issues matters financially. People who work out of their homes and do not have employees or customers at their location do not have the same types of risk factors for these types of problems, so they are less likely to need any type of commercial insurance policy.

Your Pittsburgh, PA business matters and you want to keep it safe. By reaching out to us today at Gallina and Sons, we can help you determine whether you need a commercial insurance policy for your company. If you do, we can help you get the policy that will work for you and be the best for your needs. Then you can have real peace of mind, and know that your business is protected the right way for the long term.

When Can You Claim Your Condo Association Insurance?

Owning a condominium usually brings along unique insurance needs. You need to remember the fact that when you purchase a condominium in Pittsburgh, PA, you are acquiring an interest in a property of homes. 

A condominium board or Homeowners’ Association is in charge of the property. What you own as an individual is the space around the four walls, but anything outside is shared. You will be expected to pay fees for amenities and to maintain the condo complex. 

The shared ownership of the space usually creates a great challenge when it comes to liability and property damage claims. However, a Condo Association insurance policy from Gallina and Sons will go a long way towards addressing these issues. So, when should you claim your condo association insurance policy?

When There Is a Liability Claim Filed By a Third Party

It is good to mention that your condo association’s insurance policy helps cover the structure of the building and all common areas. The policy may or may not extend to the inside of your unit depending on the service provider.

You can file a claim on your condo association’s policy if you are hit with a lawsuit or if you need to cover the medical costs of another person who suffered injuries after slipping and falling in a common area that is maintained by the association.

When There Is Property Damage on the Common Areas

The property coverage on your condo association’s insurance policy is meant to offer protection against different disasters that may affect all the common areas of the units that you share with the other residents such as the basement, the elevator, walkways, roofs, and courtyards.

Don’t be afraid to file a claim if something happens and any of these common areas are rendered unusable. The insurance provider will take care of all the necessary repairs.

Do you own a condominium in Pittsburgh, PA? Contact Gallina and Sons today to learn more about a condo association’s insurance policy.

Will my insurance cover times when my business can’t be open through no fault of my own?

At Gallina and Sons, we know how important it is to protect your business in Pittsburgh, PA. Your business is not just your most valuable asset, but you are depending on it to provide income and support for you and your family for years to come. Obtaining the right commercial insurance policy is the first step in protecting your investment, and normally people purchase these commercial policies for auto, property, and liability.

Another important loss that no one can be prepared for is when the business is temporarily closed, such as in the aftermath of a natural disaster. The bills still need to be paid, like the mortgage and the electricity. Workers still need to provide for their families, and you may even owe them money for work they have done. But when your business isn’t open, you can’t generate the income you need to pay for everything. The losses will add up, and temporary closures have often caused companies to eventually shut down permanently when they could not recover.

With business interruption insurance, your small business can survive a temporary shutdown. You can add business interruption insurance to your already existing commercial policy, such as your BOP (Business owner’s policy). Your policy can cover profits you expected to receive, operating expenses you are still paying, and extra expenses that your business incurs because of the disaster. Your policy may even cover the expenses associated with moving your business temporarily until your original location is accessible again. 

If you have a small business in Pittsburgh, PA and you want to protect it against a temporary shutdown, or if you have any other commercial insurance questions, please call Gallina and Sons today.

What is Covered Under Commercial Insurance?

Commerical insurance is one of those things a business can’t live without. Every single day, there are tons of risks associated with your business — some of which you aren’t even aware of. But in order to protect yourself and your company, having the right commercial insurance plan is vital. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

When it comes to commercial insurance, there are many options to consider. Workmans’ compensation, general liability, and umbrella insurance are just a few of the many coverage options available to businesses. Whether you own a small coffee shop in the Southside of Pittsburgh, PA or a massive oil company on the outskirts of town, understanding your insurance options is key to running a well-functioning business.

Here are a few of the various coverage options involved with commercial insurance:

General Liability

General liability insurance covers your business from claims associated with third parties. That includes injuries or accidents that happen at your business location or injuries where your business is found liable.

Workers’ Compensation

While at work, some people might get hurt or become ill caused by something in the workplace. Under this insurance option, employees’ medical and disability expenses are covered. In most states, it’s the law for all business to carry this insurance coverage. 

Property Insurance

This is one of the most important coverage options to have for your business, no matter the size. This commercial insurance coverage will protect your business property from storms, fires, hail, and other causes. 

Professional Liability

This insurance option protects businesses from claims brought on from customers due to not following through with promised services. If a client feels they didn’t get what they paid for — or they saw economic losses — they can sue the company they worked with. This policy option will help protect you from this situation.  

Reach Out to the Commercial Insurance Experts!

All the various commercial insurance policies can be tough to wrap your head around. If you want the answers to all of your business insurance questions, reach out to the professionals at Gallina and Sons. We have a long history of providing outstanding insurance solutions for businesses of any size. We are serving the locals in Pittsburgh, PA, and we’ve been helping businesses succeed for over 70 years. Gallina and Sons is your solution for all of your insurance needs. Make an appointment with us today!