Condo Insurance: What You Need to Know

There are a lot of different types of homes that you can buy in Pittsburgh, PA. Every one of those types will have to be protected by some form of homeowner’s insurance policy. But the question is which home policy is right for you? One of the most confusing policies for homeowners is the condo policy. Here are some things that you will want to know about your condo policy.

The Basics of a Condo Policy

Condo insurance is a cross between a renter’s insurance policy and regular homeowners’ policy. The difference found with this policy is what it covers. It may shock you to know that it does not cover what most people think it should.

  • The condo policy will have the same coverage types such as personal property and it will cover you if you should have to move out while repairs are being done.
  • The policy will only cover things that are inside of the walls of the condo. The condo association will have a commercial policy that will cover the outside of the structure. 
  • The policy may cover from the studs in or from the drywall in. This is important to know because it will affect what your policy will cover. It comes down to whether or not you will have to pay for drywall and paint or simply the interior of the condo.

Buying condo insurance in Pittsburgh, PA will have somethings that may confuse you. That is why you need a reliable agent. All of us at Gallina and Sons are committed to helping you get the right policy for your home. Call us today for an insurance consultation and let us help insure your condo with the correct level of coverage. 

Can commercial insurance help me in emergencies?

To truly prepare your business for tough times, you need a commercial insurance policy that extends beyond basic liability. But how can you be sure what type of coverage you need? The best way is to review your business with a qualified insurance agent like the staff at Gallina and Sons serving the greater Pittsburgh, PA region.

Commercial insurance basics

According to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, businesses need to protect their structures and other property investments as well as provide workers compensation insurance. Some businesses must also provide certain employees with health insurance coverage. When starting a new business, consultation with an agent and state agencies is key to ensure compliance with all federal, state and local requirements.

Coverage for emergencies

When protecting your business against floods, fires, and other emergencies, you need to develop a comprehensive approach that meets the basic needs of all facilities and locations. Some sites may also need additional coverage to meet other considerations, such as a location within a flood-prone region or a site with earthquakes.

To fully prepare for an emergency, your business needs to invest in replacement cost coverage. This means assessing the full value of your structures, implements, production equipment, inventory or any other necessary elements that make it possible to set up a new shop as soon as possible.

Interruption of business

When your business property is impacted by a disaster, you are likely to endure an interruption of service. Income will be limited during this time period and may be eliminated altogether. At the same time, expenses, such as payroll, utilities, and replacement inventory, continue to come in and must be met.

Commercial insurance policies can cover the interruption of business. To ensure your policy is adequate, make sure to pick a monthly income limit that adequately covers your necessary expenses. This will help you restore services to clients and customers as soon as possible.

Agents at Gallina and Sons serving Pittsburgh, PA can help you review your coverage needs and draft a policy capable of helping your business weather a variety of storms.

Why auto insurance is important for those in the Pittsburgh area

Those that live in the Pittsburgh, PA area will likely be much better off if they own a car. When you do purchase a car in this area of the state, you need to make sure that you are carefully considering all of your responsibilities. One thing that all car owners in Pittsburgh need to get is auto insurance. There are several reasons why someone in the Pittsburgh area needs to get auto insurance in place.

Allows for Full Compliance

One reason why getting auto insurance is so important is that it allows you to be full compliance with all rules and regulations. All car owners in Pennsylvania are going to be required to carry liability insurance whenever they drive their car. Additionally, if you have a loan out against your car, you need to also get collision and comprehensive insurance. This ensures that you have full coverage for situations that can result in a loss.

Protects Vehicle

While it is important to know your requirements when it comes to auto insurance, you also need to consider how you can protect your valuable asset. When you purchase a car, you are going to be making a big investment that requires you to pay a lot to own and repair it. Due to this investment, you need to try and protect your car as much as possible. Getting auto insurance will allow you to do that.

If you are looking for an auto insurance policy in the Pittsburgh, PA area, it would be a good idea to contact Gallina and Sons as soon as you can. When you reach out to the professionals at Gallina and Sons, you will get to learn more about all of your auto insurance needs. They can then help you to get into a great policy. 

Do I Still Need Liability Insurance for a Service-Oriented Business?

Many people are under the mistaken impression that if you own a service-oriented business, you don’t need commercial liability insurance. The fact is, as a business owner who offers a service, having liability insurance is extremely important. The agents at Gallina and Sons serve businesses throughout the Pittsburgh, PA area, providing them with the coverage they need to conduct their business efficiently and securely.

Damage to Property

If you are performing a job on someone’s property and something gets damaged in the process, you are liable. Having a liability coverage will protect you from financial loss if the property owner wants to file a claim against you. Liability insurance protects both you and your company in cases like this. It is up to you to determine what your potential liability should be so you can have the right policy in place while you are working. 

Your Equipment

If you are on the job and someone would trip and fall over your equipment or become injured due to its malfunction, a liability policy will be able to protect you from significant loss. Injuries can occur even if you have equipment clearly marked and out of the way. Even though you have secured everything, it’s still important to carry the necessary liability insurance to protect your business.

Call and schedule a consultation with the agents of Gallina and Sons. If you own a service-oriented business in Pittsburgh, PA, don’t wait until an accident happens! Call today and get the information you need. Having the right commercial policy in place is essential if you want your company to be fully protected.


Winter Problems and Homeowners Insurance

Winter brings snowball fights, glittering icicles, and cozy evenings by a fire. However, winter weather can also bring hazards like frozen and broken pipes, tree limbs that snap because of ice and snow loads, and power outages. Here are some tips about winter weather in Pittsburgh, PA from Gallina and Sons.

Prepare Your Plumbing for Winter Weather

If you haven’t taken reasonable precautions to protect your plumbing, you may not be covered for losses related to frozen pipes and flooding that may occur when the pipes thaw. You can use these tips to help protect your plumbing.

  • Keep your home heated to at least 60 degrees. If you plan to leave town for a few days, turn down your heat, but don’t turn off your heat. A cold snap could cause your plumbing to freeze if your home is left unheated.
  • Disconnect outdoor garden hoses, drain the hoses and store them indoors. Cover and insulate the exterior faucets on your home to avoid damage due to freezing. 
  • Check your crawlspace or basement to make sure that winter drafts aren’t making these areas too cold. If they are too cold, use heat tape to keep exposed pipes from freezing.
  • In very cold weather, keep your faucets running at a slow drip. Running water is less likely to freeze in the pipes.

Clear Your Gutters

Ice dams form when chunks of ice prevent the gutters from draining the ice melt from your roof. The water can back up under your shingles and cause roof leaks and structural damage. Keeping gutters clear of leaves and other material can help prevent ice dams.

Have Your Trees Trimmed

Hire a tree trimming company to trim branches that could fall on your home if a heavy snowfall or ice storm occurs. You don’t want overhanging limbs to fall on your home and damage it. 

Clear Sidewalks, Porches, and Steps of Ice and Snow

While your homeowner’s insurance may cover the injuries of people who fall on your property, keeping walkways clear is always best. Shovel, salt, and scrape your walkways to keep yourself and visitors safe. 


If you have a claim due to winter weather, call your insurance agent to get the process started. Take pictures of the damage, and don’t make permanent repairs until the insurance adjustor can take a look at your problem. You can do temporary repairs to prevent further damage to the home while waiting on the claim to be processed.

If you have questions about homeowner’s insurance in the Pittsburgh, PA area, contact Gallina and Sons today. 

When is it Required to Have Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania

If you live in the Pittsburgh, PA area, owning a car is often a very good idea and a practical necessity. Since you will likely need to be driving a car on a daily basis, it is important that you spend time considering your insurance needs. There are several situations in which it will be required for you to have auto insurance for your car.

When You Drive the Car

For people that are in the state of Pennsylvania, there is never a situation when you will not need to have auto insurance if you plan on driving the car. As soon as the car is on a public road, you are going to need to have at least the minimum level of liability insurance. This type of coverage will protect you if you are at fault in an accident and it is also required by state law.

If You Have a Loan

Most people that buy a car will have to take out an auto loan to finance the purchase. When you do take out a loan to buy the car, you undoubtedly will be required to get auto insurance as well. The lender will likely want you to have insurance to make sure that their collateral is protected if you are involved in an accident of incurring another loss. 

There are many situations in which you are going to be required to carry auto insurance. If you live in the Pittsburgh, PA area and would like to learn more about your auto insurance options, speaking with Gallina and Sons would be a great option for you. The insurance team at Gallina and Sons will be able to help you to choose an auto insurance policy that is right for you and your situation. 

Do I Really Need Commercial Insurance for my Small Business?

Small business owners often don’t realize how vulnerable their small business is to financial loss. Purchasing a commercial insurance policy for their business is the best way to protect yourself if an accident or other type of disastrous event occurs. The agents of Gallina and Sons serve small business owners in the Pittsburgh, PA area. They have many years of experience and understand the importance of reducing your potential liability.

Minimizes Financial Loss

Even a small accident can result in heavy financial losses. A commercial policy is designed to protect your business from the financial cost of an accident or other devastating events. Having a commercial policy in place means that you don’t have to use your working capital to cover the costs associated with the event. It not only protects the assets of your business but also gives you a sense of security.

Sense of Security

The sense of security offered by a commercial insurance policy gives you the peace of mind need to continue to operate your business. Your business’ financial resources will remain intact allowing you to continue to operate your business as usual. When an accident occurs, your commercial policy will take care of the costs so that your business won’t suffer the consequences.

At Gallina and Sons, agents are ready to serve small business owners in Pittsburgh, PA who are interested in learning about commercial insurance. If you want to learn more and have questions you would like to have answered, call an agent today! Schedule your appointment now so that you can fully protect your business from financial loss. They have the answers you need!

Home Insurance and the Properties that Can Be Covered

 Home insurance is something that is required for many homeowners and that can help to truly protect your home. There are some properties, though you may live in them, that do not qualify for home insurance policies and knowing what can be insured is a great help. For those in the Pittsburgh, PA area, the agents with Gallina and Sons can help you find the policy that works best for you.

For the most part, the basic underlying principle that qualifies a property to be insured as a home is that it is legally considered a place of residence. This means that you cannot insure something like a warehouse on a home policy, you cannot insure an RV on a home policy, you cannot insure just a shed on a home policy, and so on. There needs to be something that legally considered a residential structure.

Even if you live in a warehouse, unless it has been rezoned as a residential property and has been outfitted with living quarters that follow regulations, you cannot insure it on a home policy. Now, there are some loopholes, if you have a property that is being insured as a home with a homeowner’s policy and there happens to be a non-residential structure on the property, you can insure it along with the home. You can also insure things like the contents of your garage, the contents of the home, and other items that are on the property that is insured even if you do not live in them.

With any insurance policy, it is always best to take the time to talk with an agent to determine what can be insured and to consider other types of insurance to help protect your possessions. For those in the Pittsburgh, PA area, the agents with Gallina and Sons can help.

What Is Standard Liability Auto Insurance In My State?

Gallina and Sons Insurance in Pittsburgh, PA – We Answer All of Your Questions From The Simple To The Complex 

The minimum required insurance coverage that is needed to own and operate a motor vehicle in the state of Pennsylvania are as follows: 

Medical benefits – $5000 is the minimum limit for medical bills for yourself and others regardless of who was found at fault in an accident.

Bodily injury liability – if someone is injured in a car accident either yourself or a passenger or someone in another vehicle this portion of coverage would pay the medical and/or rehabilitation fees if you are found liable. The minimum limits are $15,000/$30,000. $15,000 is the amount paid to one person to cover their injuries while $30,000 is the total paid for any one accident. Remember to keep in mind that these are the minimum limits for the state of Pennsylvania.

Property damage liability – if you are found at fault for damaging someone’s property during an accident this portion of your insurance would cover me the minimum for this portion of insurance is $5000.

We like to offer this information so that you have the opportunity to consider it before you sit down to speak with an agent who will underwrite your policy. Most people don’t know how much the minimum liability amount requirements are.    

Gallina and Sons serve Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding areas in their auto, home, association, and commercial insurance needs. You can give us a call at 412-221-7010 to speak with one of our staffers. Quite possibly you may get a Gallina on the phone since it has been a family-owned and operated company since its inception.  We look forward to hearing from you today. Don’t hesitate to call.

Take the Time to Get Your Home Ready for Winter During the Summer

During the summer months, you may be enjoying the sunshine. The last thing on your mind may be winter. But, during the summer, it is easier to prepare your home and get it ready for winter. At Gallina and Sons, serving Pittsburgh, PA, we want to remind you that your homeowner’s insurance policy requires you to properly maintain and care for your home. Here are a few of the things you can do during the summer months to help maintain your home and get it ready for winter. 

Trim Back Your Trees

During the summer months, take the time to examine your trees for any damage or disease. Also, take the time to trim back your trees and cut away dead or damaged limbs. This can prevent a limb from unexpectedly falling and hitting your home or a car. 

Repair Cracks in Your Concrete and Asphalt Surfaces

The summer months are also a great time to repair cracks in your concrete or asphalt surfaces, such as your driveway, patio or walkways. This can help to prevent someone from tripping or slipping. 

Have Your Roof Inspected and Repaired

Lastly, have your roof inspected and have repairs done. This can prevent an unexpected leak during the winter months. Also, making repairs is harder in the winter months due to the icy conditions and cold temperatures. Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to have roof repairs completed. 

Preparing your home for winter can help to decrease the chances of unexpected events happening, such as roof leaks or someone slipping and falling on your property. Unfortunately, though, you cannot stop every unexpected event from happening. This is why having a great home insurance policy is so important. If you are in the market for your first homeowner’s insurance policy or you want to purchase a new one to protect your home in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area, turn to Gallina and Sons. Contact us today and let us help you.