Home Insurance and the Properties that Can Be Covered

 Home insurance is something that is required for many homeowners and that can help to truly protect your home. There are some properties, though you may live in them, that do not qualify for home insurance policies and knowing what can be insured is a great help. For those in the Pittsburgh, PA area, the agents with Gallina and Sons can help you find the policy that works best for you.

For the most part, the basic underlying principle that qualifies a property to be insured as a home is that it is legally considered a place of residence. This means that you cannot insure something like a warehouse on a home policy, you cannot insure an RV on a home policy, you cannot insure just a shed on a home policy, and so on. There needs to be something that legally considered a residential structure.

Even if you live in a warehouse, unless it has been rezoned as a residential property and has been outfitted with living quarters that follow regulations, you cannot insure it on a home policy. Now, there are some loopholes, if you have a property that is being insured as a home with a homeowner’s policy and there happens to be a non-residential structure on the property, you can insure it along with the home. You can also insure things like the contents of your garage, the contents of the home, and other items that are on the property that is insured even if you do not live in them.

With any insurance policy, it is always best to take the time to talk with an agent to determine what can be insured and to consider other types of insurance to help protect your possessions. For those in the Pittsburgh, PA area, the agents with Gallina and Sons can help.